Monday, 15 March 2010

At a recent meeting of The East Birmingham branch of the British National Party in Acocks Green, there was an unanswered controversy that unfolded before the bewildered eyes of members and other attendees.

The new fundholder had earlier been introduced as Mr Rob Offord, husband of Amanda Offord, both activists from Moseley.

A collection took place and money collected was, as is tradion, placed in a hat. 

Rather than new fund-holder Mr Offord count the money in the presence of the rest of the room, as is usual, instead the group organiser Tanya Jane Whitehead-Lumby, took the money away and counted it in private.

It was estimated by many there, and from 'known' donations that around £1500 was 'in the hat', including £500 from the host, and several £100 and £50 donations from working members.

Yet following Lumby's return, it was announced that £950 was collected.

Amid the gasps from dumbfounded open mouths the recently declared bankrupt Mrs Lumby thanked the room for their generosity!

Mrs Lumby also 'assists' in collections for other groups in the area, and questions must now be asked about the virtue of re-instating the BNP membership (during a membership freeze?) of both of the Lumbys who were quite vocal four months ago in their resignation of the jobs within the party and their membership.

The Lumbys and The Offords were also main protagonists in hounding several BNP members from the party during 2009

The BNP National Accounts manager, David Hannam, was not available for comment.

Friday, 18 September 2009


This is a question all parents need to ask themselves? It is quite possible that it is and you don't even know it and the school aren't telling you (this decision is usually a financial one). Halal is a vile, barbaric process (better known as ritual mentioned in a previous post on The Billesley Patriot about 'halal pizzas') We could have included graphic pictures, but assure you most people could live without seeing them, even in black and white! There are parents up and down this country starting to ask this question more frequently and saying 'NO' to their children eating Halal school meals. This is Shariah Law alive and kicking in the schools of Great Britain; even in schools where less than 5% of the population are Muslim, schools are routinely giving ALL children Halal meat for convenience, to save money and to be politically correct. The British Navy ONLY serves Halal meat despite the fact that only a tiny percentage of its personnel are muslims. A lot of schools are of the attitude of what parents don't know won't hurt them or 'most parents are too stupid to even know what Halal is' (quote from a Deputy Head of a Birmingham school.)

The time has come for the parents of white, Christian, British children to start asking questions and saying NO to Halal, NO to visiting mosques, NO to celebrating alien faiths and cultures

YES to humanely killed meat, YES to visits to churches and cathedrals and YES to celebrating Christian/English/British culture, history, traditions and values. Speak to your child's teacher or head teacher, ask awkward questions, stick up for the rights of your children, and if they are being served Halal meat say NO.
(How long before your child comes home with a HAPPY EID card?)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Anti-fascists clash with right-wing protesters in Birmingham

VIOLENT rioting brought Birmingham city centre to a standstill as rival groups of protesters clashed today.
Around 100 members of the right-wing English Defence League fought running battles with the vile UAF for more than three hours on Saturday afternoon.
Terrified shoppers locked themselves inside stores and cafes as they tried to avoid the fighting.
More than 30 people were arrested as police struggled to prevent the protests spilling over.
Members of the English Defence League, who had travelled from Luton and Bristol, held up signs reading: “Islamic Extremists Out” and “Make Britain Safe”.
They met in the Figure of Eight pub in Broad Street at 12.30pm where they began drinking pints of beer.
They sang the national anthem and Rule Britannia, as well as shouting insults against Allah and Islam.
But the protests turned nasty when the EDL reached New Street at about 2pm, where they clashed with 30 or so UAF protesters, who were holding up banners saying: “Give the EDL the red card.”
Shaven-headed men, some with bulldogs, squared up to the rival protesters before riot police intervened.
Bottles and glasses were thrown and masked men were seen wielding wooden poles.
Punches were thrown and the cops used their batons to stop the violence escalating further.
After an hour of angry skirmishes, police finally trapped around 60 EDL members in Bennetts pub in the city centre at 3.30pm, where they were held for more than an hour.
Meanwhile, a group of 60 Asian men gathered and tried to storm the premises, only being stopped by police using shields and protective headgear.
Moments later the gang re-appeared on a nearby street, throwing missiles and bricks they had picked up from a builder’s skip.
Eye-witness Sarah Edwards, who was locked in a cafe with dozens of other shoppers, said: “We suddenly saw about 200 Asian men running down the street throwing bricks.
“They came from nowhere, and were sprinting towards the pub where the EDL were."
“We were so scared."
“We really feared for our lives and we had to run into the cafe so we wouldn’t get hurt."
“It’s shocking to see this on our streets.”
West Midlands Police had planned to contain the protest at Lancaster Circus at 3.30pm – but the violence in the city centre meant they did not arrive until 5pm.
Police finally shepherded the EDL from Bennetts pub into double-decker buses.
As the convoy made its way to the demo site, drunken men were seen ripping up the seats and throwing them out of the window.
UAF shouted: “Nazi scum, out of Brum” while rival groups held placards reading: “Ban Mosques” and “No Sharia law”.
A police helicopter was deployed to monitor the protest and officers videoed the trouble.
Before the demonstration police and the city council had obtained an order allowing them to restrict “trespassing groups” in the Bullring area of the city.
They were granted permission to impose conditions on the protesters, restricting them to certain locations and a limit of 250 people
Orders were also passed restricting the demonstrations to two locations.
A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “West Midlands Police can confirm that in excess of 20 people have now been arrested in two separate incidents in Birmingham city centre."
“A group of more than 20 men were arrested on a bus in Digbeth High Street."
“Police moved in to make the arrests for violent disorder shortly after 3.30pm."
“Officers have also arrested a 41 year-old male for violent disorder in Waterloo Street.”
Leisha Brookes, from the EDL, said: “We are ptotesting against Sharia Law and the acceptance by our Government of Islamic extremism."
“It is unfortunate that it has come to this but we are a mulit faith group who are just trying to protest against extremism.”
She insisted that she did not want to see any violence and that the group were not fascists.”
No-one from the UAF was available for comment.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

BNP Deputy Treasurer David Hannam.
Shropshire BNP Official James Whittall.
Local man Trevor Lloyd in full swing
The three speakers relax between speeches.

Thursday night saw the latest meeting in North Birmingham as two of The British National Party's major figures were joined by yet another local Birmingham activist delivering his debut speech.
Local North Birmingham organiser Mark Power started the meeting off by immediately introducing the BNP's National Deputy Treasurer, David Hannam.
Mr. Hannam described his journey to the North Birmingham venue, as "atrocious", mentioning several incidents, including one where a 'foreign' driver had given way to him whilst on a traffic island, actually stopping to let Mr. Hannam onto the island.
Talking about the party's finances, Mr. Hannam described how our relatively healthy state of finances is always being mis-represented by the press and by official bodies such as The Electoral Commission.

Regarding the so-called late submission of the Quarterly Donation Return to the Electoral Commisson, Mr Hannam said "I telephoned the electoral commission to ask why they had reported that the Quarterly Return hadn't been received, when in fact they had."

Mr. Hannam went on saying "they claimed that they had not received some correspondence from us, however, we will contest this issue, as the party absolutely did submit this return.

Considering we have not been late before with our return, the commission should simply have contacted us before going to the press."

"The electoral commission point blankly refused to amend their press release to admit an error in their reporting" said Mr. Hannam.

Mr. Power then introduced the second speaker was West Midlands Elections Organiser James Whittall, who told of the way that even rural areas have been affected by immigration.
Mr. Whittall said that the treacherous labour party had identified some rural areas near him as being "far too white" and ideal for placing thousands of families of immigrants.
In reference to the recent attack on The BNP by Lenin admiring Trevor Phillips and The CEHR and their proposed court actions, Mr. Whittall rightly commented "What if a member of The BNP had said the reverse in speaking about an area of Birmingham like Nechells or Handsworth being 'too immigrant'?"
As a result of this anti-white policy by New Labour, Mr. Whittall said "Cities like Shrewsbury, Hereford and Worcester had become completely unrecognisable to what they were a mere 20 years ago."
After a short interval, Mr. Power finally announced the night's final speaker, Trevor Lloyd, a local activist, who was making his debut speech at a BNP meeting.
Mr. Lloyd's highly intellectual offering, discussed the chaos theory and the reasoning of the Malthusian catastrophe theory and how this might be an inevitable consequence of the current policies of a Labour, Tory or even Liberal government.
Mr. Lloyd said "The only way to prevent this nightmare is by the implementation of BNP policies, through a BNP government."
Mr. Lloyd received a rapturous applause for his thought provoking and highly well presented speech.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kingstanding residents in plea over 'death' road

BIRMINGHAM residents were today demanding city council officials install speed humps on a road where a teenage boy was killed three years ago.
People in Kingstanding want cash spent improving road safety in the area where Justin Murphy died. 
Justin was knocked down in Hurlingham Road by driver Darren Bardsley, who was jailed for eight years in 2006, and who, it turned out, had already been given 11 driving bans.
But homeowners in Kingstanding claim little has been done since and they recently witnessed a woman trapped in the wreckage of her car after a smash in Finchley Road.
Lionel Felton, of the Finchley Road Residents Group, was planning to confront city councillors at a ward committee meeting today.
The 61-year-old retired fence erector said: “Something needs to be done very quickly. It was bad enough when Justin Murphy was run down and we all hoped nothing like that would happen again, but that recent crash was absolutely horrible.”
Justin, a 13-year-old Cardinal Wiseman School pupil, was hit by drug-influenced Bardsley, while coming home from school on July 21 2006. 
At the time, his mother was joined by residents who called for speed-bumps in Hurlingham Road.The latest smash happened at the junction of Finchley Road and Ellerton Road on June 29 when a woman was trapped in her Ford Ka after a Mitsubishi collided with it.
A Birmingham City Council spokeswoman said: “Since the very tragic fatal accident in July 2006, there have been investigations into traffic accidents in the area. The record shows there have been four injury accidents in the past three years, all of them slight and none attributed to speeding. We were conscious of residents’ concerns so traffic calming was installed in the form of mini-roundabouts and centre-line hatching, road markings were repainted and signage checked and replaced where necessary. All of this is consistent with the accident record.”